At the Forefront of Montessori Education in Louisiana Since 1964


21 months - 3 years old


3 - 6 years old

Lower Elementary

6 - 9 years old

Upper Elementary

9 - 12 years old

Middle School

12 -15 years old

MSS at a Glance

The Montessori School for Shreveport serves a diverse community of students from twenty-one months through eighth grade. The Montessori philosophy fosters independence, respect, and the unique development of each child.

OUR MISSION - Why We Exist:

To provide a nurturing learning environment using Montessori methods and philosophy.

OUR VISION - What We Want To Be:

  • A learning environment that is responsive to each student's needs.

  • A place where learning is joyful and developmentally appropriate.

  • A place where students, parents, and teachers are held accountable.

  • A place where parents are engaged in their children's lives and learning.

Approved by the Louisiana Department of Education, we are the only Montessori school in Louisiana that is fully accredited by the American Montessori Society.

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