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The Montessori School for Shreveport has programs for children from 21 months through the eighth grade and serves youngsters from diverse socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. The exceptionally bright, the average, and the academically challenged have all blossomed under the individualized approach of the Montessori philosophy.


21 - 36 months old

Our toddler program provides a stimulating opportunity for very young children with a child to adult ratio of 6 to 1. Children this age not only need a loving, nurturing environment, but are also very capable of learning. Socialization, language development, manipulative skills, and independence are emphasized. The Montessori teaching method provides a basis for individualized learning activities.


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3 - 6 years old

The pre-primary program is based on the Montessori techniques and philosophy of individualized and self-directed instruction. It provides stimulating social and intellectual experiences in carefully prepared environments, where children ages three through six interact and learn from each other. Specific areas of learning include language, pre-reading development, mathematics, geography, sensorial work, and practical life activities. The nurturing atmosphere supports and encourages the child’s growth toward confidence and independence, and instills a love of learning.


6 - 9 years old

The Montessori elementary program is designed to help each child function at the upper limits of his or her potential through a wide spectrum of educational experiences. Individualized instruction prevents the child from having to wait on classmates to catch up; all students work on personalized contracts and schedules. At any given time, some are exploring language materials, some are doing math, and some are performing science experiments, while all are quietly and excitedly pursuing excellence. Since the materials are always available to the children, they may return time and again for hands-on experience until the lesson is mastered. The Montessori materials offer open-ended exploration and avenues for self-expression.


9 - 12 years old

At the Upper Elementary level, children with an excellent Montessori foundation are now ready and able to expand their knowledge in all areas of the curriculum. The study of mathematics, geometry, grammar, reading comprehension, literature, writing, geography, cultural studies, history, science and computer skills comprise an integrated framework for learning and exploration. The program reinforces essential concepts through continued use of concrete materials while transitioning the student to more abstract learning methods. Goals at this level include the development of high self-esteem; effective collaboration with peers; age appropriate social maturation and conflict resolution strategies; consistent and reliable problem solving techniques; strong analytical reasoning skills; and mastery of knowledge through independent learning.


12 - 15 years old

The Montessori middle school program provides a unique opportunity that addresses the physical, academic, and social needs of the middle school student. The program offers a cooperative, community-oriented environment developmentally appropriate to the adolescent. The design is an integration of current research in human development and learning theory and the Montessori philosophy. The curriculum is designed as a two-year program. Language, speech, Spanish, physical education and health, outdoor education, service learning, and geography are courses of continual study. Science, social studies, and math are designated by topics of study complete in each course. The mission of the program is to provide opportunities for adolescents to be self-confident, to belong to a community, to learn to be adaptable, to be academically competent, and to create a vision for their personal future.

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