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Signups for these activities will be posted on ParentSquare.

Soccer Club

4-10 years old

Weekly sessions focus on developing balance and coordination, learning and improving basic soccer techniques, promoting good sportsmanship, and, of course, enjoying the game of soccer!


Music Lessons

Kindergarten - 8th grade

In these weekly lessons, students in groups of 3 will learn to read music and play songs.

Lesson options include:

  • guitar

  • piano

  • drums



4-10 years old

Weekly sessions enhance flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Concentration also improves with a sense of calmness and relaxation. Students learn about centering and breath, practice yoga poses, play games, and release lots of energy! 


Running Club

1st-3rd grade

The focus of these weekly practices is to enjoy running while promoting health and fitness. The club will participate in Kids on the Run, an Elementary Running Club Race Series sponsored by Sportspectrum.

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