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PRE-PRIMARY PROGRAM (3- through 6-year-olds)

The Pre-Primary Program is based on the Montessori techniques and philosophy of individualized and self-directed instruction. It provides stimulating social and intellectual experiences in carefully prepared environments, where children ages three through six interact and learn from each other.


Specific areas of learning include language, pre-reading development, mathematics, geography, sensorial work and practical life activities. The nurturing atmosphere supports and encourages the child’s growth toward confidence and independence, and instills a love of learning.


  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial

  • Mathematics

  • Language

    • Pre-reading and Reading Skills​

  • History

  • Geography

    • Social Studies (Cultural Studies)

  • Science

  • Spanish

A Day in the Life of a

Pre-Primary Student

8:00-8:15       Greet children

8:15-10:45     Morning work period

10:45-11:00   Group time and story time

11:00-11:30   Recess

11:30-11:45   Carpool for half-day children and story

                        time for full-day children

11:45-12:15   Lunch

12:15-12:30   Clean up

12:30-2:30     Nappers go to nap

12:30-1:00     Four-year-olds and kindergartners go to recess

1:00-2:30       Four-year-old and kindergarten lessons and

                        afternoon work

2:30-3:00       Carpool for full-day children; story time or  line activity

3:00-5:30       Extended care


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