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"We are so glad we chose a Montessori education for our daughters.  Because of Montessori, they are able to work independently, see and understand multiple solutions to a given problem or situation, comfortable seeking help and knowing when it is needed and well adapted at presenting to adults as well as their peers.  Academics and the natural world around them are dual focuses for students at the Montessori School for Shreveport, in a nurturing environment that instills in them a great sense of personal responsibility and self -confidence. Both of our daughters flourished in high school and are now doing the same in college."

Donna & Tal Walker, Alumni Parents

"The thing that I love most about Montessori is the way it instills a love of learning in kids. It begins at the younger age and just strengthens with each passing grade. The personalized attention, freedom and time to explore subjects that interest them keeps the kids excited about learning through upper elementary and middle school. It also allows them to begin to figure out what they may want to do with their lives. That is priceless!"                                    

Brenda Nims, Alumni Parent

"Our son, Alston Walker, attended Montessori School for Shreveport from 1989 to 2001, beginning with toddler and completing middle school.  It was definitely among the best decisions we ever made for him.  Our primary concern when selecting a school was that his environment encourage curiosity and exploration so that he would always enjoy learning.  Not only did Montessori provide this environment, it far exceeded our expectations. 

One of the concerns often expressed by Montessori parents is whether their child will be able to adapt to traditional school.  When Alston moved to Caddo Magnet High School, the counselor said that they love having children from Montessori because they ask a lot of questions and are so involved in the learning process.  And so it was for our son.  He graduated from Magnet High summa cum laude, received an academic scholarship to Tulane University, graduating cum laude and graduated from Tulane Law School magna cum laude after serving as Editor in Chief of the Law Review and receiving the highest award voted on by the faculty.  He is now working in Houston for an international law firm.  I include this information not to brag (well, maybe a little), but to demonstrate that your child can excel in the real world with a Montessori education.

But it was not just the academics that provided the foundation for Alston’s education.  He learned to respect others, initially by not stepping on their mat and when later by listening to different viewpoints.   The age grouping allowed him to be a follower and a leader, always working together in a collaborative manner.  Of particular importance is that his satisfaction from doing well comes from within rather than from external praise or rewards. The teachers are unparalleled.  They speak to each child with patience and respect, forever guiding him to understanding the problem at hand.  When there are conflicts the teacher sits with the children so they can articulate the problems and come to a resolution.  So our children actually learn conflict resolution directly with the persons involved, a skill that seems to be lost on so many adults today.

I could write pages on the benefits of Montessori.  I have no doubt that Alston’s success today in his work life, but more importantly in his character, integrity and happiness are in very large part due to Montessori."

Laurie Lyons & Henry Walker,

Alumni Parents

“The first word that comes to mind when I think of Montessori is confidence. That’s what both of my very different daughters gained in the Montessori program. They learned how to organize their schedules, work independently or with a group, and set boundaries for themselves. Life skills that provided a seamless transition into high school and college.


Jennifer Moorhead, Alumni Parent

In this video from the American Montessori Society, parents from a variety Montessori schools express, in their own words, what makes a Montessori education special.

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