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"Test scores and good grades are simply to measure where a child is at in his or her journey. My kids have developed skills beyond just the academic; they have developed life skills because of their Montessori education. They are capable, responsible, and handle themselves well in all they do. My wife and I have always taken responsibility for our kids and realize we have the biggest impact in their lives. But when you have to leave your kids somewhere else for a minimum of 35 hours a week, Montessori is the place. They are a wonderful extension of the values and skills we want our children to develop to be a positive impact in our community.

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We are so glad to have such a wonderful school available to us. I still work with youth to this day by employing high school and college-age students. Pound for pound, Montessori kids are more developed, well-rounded, and capable. Montessori is not just books, it is life."

Raymond L. Lee, Jr.

Alumni Parent

In this video from the American Montessori Society, parents from a variety Montessori schools express, in their own words, what makes a Montessori education special.

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