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Meet the Class of 2023!
In their graduation speeches, these students reflect on their time at Montessori and offer some impressive insights for success.
Meet the graduates and read excerpts from their speeches.

Emmett B


"One of my favorite things about Middle School was Socratic Seminar, where we got to discuss and debate ideas. Seminar taught me two things: One, to always treat people with respect, even when they disagree with my ideas, and two, to disagree or agree with the point, not the person."

"My time at Montessori has been momentous, and I would not change a thing. For the soon to be 8th years, I will say to make middle school last while it can. You think you have all the time in the world until Poof! It's the end of the year, and the teachers tell you to write a speech."


Kennedie C


"I have been at Montessori for as long as I can remember and frankly, it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life."

"The advice that I would give to the seventh graders is to cherish every single moment, even if that moment is putting food in the microwave, because anything could happen in that moment. Also, the time goes fast, like really fast, so you have to run to catch up to it, and then run with it, and then make it catch up to you."


Dorothy F


"Middle School has been the time of my life. My most favorite part about walking in each day is knowing I can speak freely, move freely, and just be me freely. I believe the Montessori education system is the best system in the world. (I've had twelve years of experience so I know what I'm talking about.) My teachers over the years have been some of the best people I'll ever meet."

"I am forever grateful for my time at Montessori."


Ewan M


"I have had many teachers and peers who taught me different lessons, some examples being patience, listening, and being persistent."

"Montessori changed me because it showed me that there are always possibilities and to always feel free to ask questions. I will miss all the freedom Montessori gave me, and my friends and teachers."


Ian M


"These are some 'Words of Wisdom for the Future Eighth Graders':
Hard work pays off.
Learn not to procrastinate.
Be kind to one another."


TN 2011-12_edited.jpg


"Middle School has impacted me greatly." 

"If I were to give any advice to future 8th-grade students, I would say to not be scared to ask for help. Thankfully, all of the teachers in Middle School are very accommodating as long as you talk to them."


Class of 2023!
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