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Meet the Class of 2020!
In their graduation speeches, these students reflect on their time at Montessori and offer some impressive insights for success. Meet the graduates and read excerpts from their speeches.



"I think that the Montessori program has shown me how to be independent. From the first pouring lesson to learning how to program Arduino, my teachers have been there for me. They have let me discover and fail on my own. That is the beauty of the Montessori program, the teachers are guides for the students. They let them be independent and discover things on their own."

"I will miss the community of middle school and sitting on the risers with my friends. My advice for the 8th graders is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to stand out and take charge, but also learn when to follow and let others take charge. I can’t wait to start high school and make more great memories."



"11 years ago my family moved here from Chicago. After visiting Montessori, we immediately knew where I was going to school that year."

"My teachers in Middle School have impacted me so much. They have helped me learn initiative, to always turn in my work even if it’s not perfect, and so much more. I am so grateful for everything all of my teachers have done for me. If I had to pick one lesson to impart on the rising 8th years it would be, if you’re struggling with school, don’t put getting schoolwork done over keeping up with your mental and physical health. Take a break every once in a while to do something you enjoy, then go back to whatever you were struggling with and try again."



"Some lessons I learned at Montessori were when I learned to be positive and to care about how other people feel at times. I also learned that there will always be work, but there is always time for a break and something to ease the mind."

"Some words of wisdom I want to give to future 8th -year students are that  if you feel like giving up because of school and if you feel like you are not meant for this and that you feel you are dumb or stupid, keep pushing until it is over and if anybody thinks you are not meant to be there, prove them wrong, and show that you can do as much and even more than everyone else."



"I started my Montessori journey at the tender age of 20 months and have spent the last 12 years making memories and friends on campus. Montessori and the Montessori Middle School have given me so many unique opportunities that I would not have had at a regular public school.  I feel like I have grown so much over the past couple of years, and the away trips and other activities have allowed me to become more independent.  I will miss the community of our classroom and of the school as a whole.  I will never forget all the amazing trips and experiences that we all had together as well as the positive vibes that you experience while on campus.  I am looking forward to high school and feel more than prepared to take on any challenges that may arise."

"For future students, I would recommend planning your time wisely and staying stress free.  At times the work load feels overwhelming, but just know that you have the ability to persevere and meet every challenge that you face head on.  Onwards and upwards!"



"My Montessori education has helped me have an open-minded way of thinking and has made me a better person.  I am thankful for the seminars we had, which were by far my favorite thing to do.  I am even more thankful for the friendships and memories I have made in and out of the classroom."

"My words of wisdom for the future 8th years is be willing to step out of your comfort zone, be there for others and let others be there for you, and never, I mean never, leave the sinking canoe behind!"



"Middle School gave me the best years of my life. I had great teachers, great friends, and I had a good work system. The trips were always special because there was always a sweet bonding moment. I will miss everyone and everything about Middle School and the whole Montessori School for Shreveport."

"I will say to my children, 'This is the school that your father learned from the best, this is the school where your father enjoyed learning the most, this is the school that your father loved the most.'"

"I learned that it is important to not rush your work, the point is not to get it done but to learn the material. Be who you are because we all have our hidden talents, they may be right in front of us, we just don't go looking for them. Search yourself."



"Seeing as I’ve spent most of my life going to this school, I have learned some important lessons here. Being able to control my own work schedule has taught me time management. Doing an internship has shown me that learning opportunities come in many forms, and there is always something more to know. The Montessori middle school has given me an incredible group of people that push me, support me, challenge me, and encourage me."

"I have a few words of wisdom for the future 8th years of Montessori. While you are still here, work hard, have fun, and savor every single moment of your time at this outstanding school. I don’t think that any of us realize exactly how special it is until faced with the prospect of leaving. Thank you, a thousand times over, Montessori, for giving me this truly phenomenal experience."



"People always say that middle school is the worst years of your life. If that is the case, my life is gonna be pretty awesome. Middle school was my favorite part at Montessori. I learned SO MUCH and got to do SO MUCH. Then COVID-19 hit. We had to go online. This was a big change for everyone, but our teachers did a wonderful job and they still made my last year at Montessori come to a positive close. I appreciate all of my teachers and my classmates. I am very grateful for this education and I will definitely miss this community."



"Montessori has shaped me into who I am today."

"Some of my favorite memories from Middle School are the trips. Every single trip has been amazing and awesome, but the trip to LUMCON was by far my favorite. It confirmed that I want to be a marine biologist."

"I will miss Montessori so much. But it has prepared me for the future, and I know that I will succeed because of Montessori. If I had some words of wisdom for incoming 8th graders, is that, to be a leader, you have to be you. Don’t worry what others think. You do you best. And most of all, just have fun with it."



"The middle school program has affected my life in many ways. It has changed how I solve problems, how I talk to other people, how to make the most out of what we have, and how to plan trips." 

"Although my Montessori experience was filled with memories I will never forget, none of them would be possible without the teachers and staff that have been by my side since my first day of toddlers. Mrs. Sandy taught me the basic lessons of life like how to tie my shoes and how to make friends. Mrs. Heidi and Mr. Stewart taught me the basics of having a plan, whether it be for work or other things. Mrs. Hall, Mr. F, and Mrs. Rowley taught me how to keep on track and work hard.  Finally Mr. Matt, Mrs. Amy, and Mrs. Barbara taught me how to prepare myself for the future. They have been great role models and have prepared me for my next step into high school. Their compassion and patience with me has helped me since the beginning and I cannot thank them enough for the impact they have had on my life."



"I have been going to Montessori for the past ten years, and I know that I will treasure my time at this school."

"The thing I will miss the most about this school is the great sense of community, especially in middle school. All of the people in middle school have always had a positive attitude. Every person in this class is unique and always brings something special to the environment."

"I think the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that I should see any mistakes I make as a learning experience rather than seeing my mistakes as a flaw. I anticipate that Montessori will shape me into a person that will face any tough situation with a positive attitude.... For an example, if you are given a tough assignment, try to see the fun and exciting side to it."



"I feel excited and honored to be graduating from The Montessori School for Shreveport...  Montessori taught me to be confident, independent, and persevering. I know that the skills I have learned at Montessori will continue to benefit me in the future and I will miss being a part of this amazing community."

"My advice to the future 8th years is to always be confident and take risks. The middle school curriculum will provide opportunities to express your opinion and challenge yourself. Take advantage of these experiences to engage in group discussions and share your thoughts and never be afraid of trying something new."



"The Middle School teachers, Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Barbara, Mrs. Rebecca, and Mr. Matt have been such special teachers. The trips during middle school were so much fun and let everyone connect and make new friendships."

"There is nothing I would change about my education or memories I’ve had at Montessori. Some words of wisdom I will give to the soon to be 8th years is try and live in the moment as much as you can because it will be over in seconds and make every day count."

Class of 2020!
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