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Placement Considerations


Priority for admission is assigned according to the following criteria:


  • Children of Staff and Siblings: Children of MSS employees and siblings of currently enrolled students are given first priority for admission.


  • Montessori Transferees: In order to support the Montessori philosophy, students who are transfers from other Montessori schools are given second priority for admission.


  • Commitment to Long-term Montessori Education: Consideration is given to students whose parents are committed to a long-term Montessori educational experience.


  • Date of Application: There is a prioritization according to the date an application for admission is received. However, this is considered in conjunction with the other requirements for admission and placement considerations.


  • Date of Birth: Generally, applicants must be the following ages on August 31st for admission that year to the following programs:


                Toddler: 21 months – 3 years

                Pre-Primary: 3 years – 6 years

                Lower Elementary: 6 years – 9 years

                Upper Elementary: 9 years – 12 years

                Middle School: 12 years – 14 years


  • Classroom Balance by Age and Gender: According to Montessori guidelines, the classes are structured to be balanced by age and gender. Admissions priority may be reassigned according to the age and gender balance of existing students in the requested program.


  • Additional Considerations for Admission:


                For Pre-Primary Admission: Students who are 3 are usually expected to  

                be out of diapers and able to care for their own needs, such as dressing

                themselves with little or no assistance. All students at this level are

                expected to evidence the ability to comply with MSS’s three ground rules.

                Additionally, students ages 4 – 6 seeking admission at this level will be

                observed and evaluated to ascertain the potential for their success in this



                For Elementary and Middle School Admission: Because the Montessori

                curriculum is very tightly integrated across program levels, and because

                the Montessori approach is very different from a traditional education,

                students without Montessori experience applying for admission to the 

                elementary level and above must be carefully evaluated to determine the

                likelihood of the student’s success. The student must evidence academic

                compatibility with the program curriculum, faculty style of teaching, and

                social compatibility with classroom peers. In addition, the parents or

                guardians of these students must evidence commitment to learning and

                supporting the Montessori approach at home as well as at school. The

                prospective student will be observed and evaluated with these

                considerations for his or her success in mind.

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