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Our admissions procedures are designed to provide you with information about the philosophy and the academic program at MSS and to provide us with sufficient information about your family to aid us in evaluating the suitability of our environment for your child. 


  • A Visit to the School (Adults Only) - The best way to learn about MSS is to come by the school to talk to the faculty and staff and to see the classrooms as the children are actively learning. There are several ways to accomplish this:

    • Admissions tours are held in the mornings. Our Admissions Coordinator is also happy to schedule tours at other times as needed. An introduction to the Montessori philosophy and curriculum and a tour of the campus are provided.

    • Classroom observation is an option. Parents are encouraged to spend approximately 30 minutes observing a classroom to see how this learning environment operates. The school encourages prospective parents to attend The Journey Through the Environment, an intensive parent educational seminar that details the curriculum at each educational level. This seminar is held every year in January.

    • An Open House provides an opportunity to tour the classrooms and visit with the faculty and staff.


  • Submit the Application for Admission - The application, the parent/child questionnaire (gold sheets) and a $25.00 non-refundable application fee must be submitted and directed to the attention of the Admissions Coordinator. Any previous school records must also be submitted.


  • Waiting Pool - We wish all children could be the beneficiaries of our wonderful educational programs. Ordinarily, however, the number of applications to MSS exceeds the number of students we can serve. Accordingly, after the school visit and upon receipt of the completed application for admission, the application deposit and the completed parent/child questionnaire, the student will be placed in a waiting pool of applicants pursuant to the placement considerations noted in Placement Considerations.


  • Once it is determined that an opening is available, the parents will be contacted to schedule a student and teacher visit.


  • The administration and faculty will then make a collaborative admissions decision. Parents will be notified of this decision by phone and in writing.


  • When a student is accepted, an acceptance letter, a tuition agreement, a health questionnaire and other documents will be mailed to you. The tuition agreement specifies the contractual terms of enrollment. The acceptance letter will specify the date by which the tuition agreement and other documents must be returned with a non-refundable registration fee ($300) and tuition deposit ($100). The tuition deposit is applied towards the year’s total tuition. Before any student may attend class, a copy of the student's social security card, birth certificate, and immunization record must be submitted to the school.


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