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What do high school teachers have to say about MSS graduates?

"I had the pleasure of teaching several MSS graduates. One of the students in an AP class almost daily asked critical thinking questions which tied together very different ideas. She had an active role in framing the class discussion. She was a first learner in the classroom. Group projects almost always meant they would be leaders. In the school community, they have held many offices and done so responsibly."

"I have taught four of the six students...I didn't know they were all MSS students until now. I find it very interesting how these four are all so motivated to excel, have incredible work ethic, and so independent. Very impressive, and speaks highly of the program."

"The MSS students that I have taught in high school have all been well above the average students. They are more responsible for their work, following instructions, and producing quality work. They also tend to have a broader view of the subject matter."

"Keep doing what you are doing. It works."

"MSS students are willing to try--even if they are unsure how well they will do. MSS students do not focus on "what is on the test"; they work and learn. Consequently, their grades are good. MSS students know how to manage their time, follow directions, and think on their own."

"The MSS students I have taught have been well-balanced, kind, compassionate students who seem to enjoy learning. They tend to strive for personal best or personal goals rather than continually holding themselves in comparison to other students and striving to 'beat' other students in their classes."

"I ask students on the first day of class what schools they come from. When I learn they went to MSS, I'm so happy because I know they will be interested, engaged, cooperative, creative, and enthusiastic learners. I also know that they will be kind and considerate. I love all my students, but it's easy to love MSS graduates."

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